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  1. I've got an old ragged out 2003 silverado I'm trying to get back into decent shape. I'd like to paint the dash components to freshen them back up. I'm having trouble identifying which paint to use. I need help identifying the proper colors, does anyone know which one I should chose? This is what I think I need, but am unsure. Med Dark Pewter I'm finding conflicting information online for that model year. Also, I'm trying to identify the proper color headliner also, I don't have a picture of it, but it looks to be more of a tan color.
  2. Is that also the reason I don't have the App store and OTA updates? Or would I get that with a firmware upgrade?
  3. I just got these Weathertech 3D Floor mats for my 2016 1500 LTZ, They're like the liners but they don't have the sticker that falls off, and they are a little softer material. Liking them so far but miss seeing the Z71 logo on the door sill. Has anyone out there cut their floormats to expose the door sill?
  4. I apologize if this is been covered in other threads, but I've been searching on and off a few days now and can't find answers. I just bought a 2016 Silverado 1500 LTZ (Upgraded from a 2002 Silverado LT). I'm loving it, I'm just trying to figure out some of this MyLink System. The Android Auto didn't work, so I took it to a dealership and got an update from a service bulletin I found in another thread, that works now. I just referenced this Service Bulletin #16-NA-042, Which I found in this thread: 2016 Silverado - No Android Auto Now I'm trying to figure
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