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  1. Hi everyone wow what a wk. I have given my 99 yukon 5.7 a complete tune up. wires plugs rotor distributor, mas, all 02 sensors, crank position sensor, temp coolant sensor new fuel pump and filter. now i have a code u1026, the second is p0440, 442,446, then p0605 p1441, then again a u1042,u1064 and finally u1193 , it was running great, went on a long drive and the next morning full crank full power , i hear pump prime and shut off, i put some ether in just to see and it ran till the ether was used up. I am at a loss and would appreciate your knowledge on this. I can do the work just need to know what direction first. would it be the evap solenoid or my emc is toast. i have had the battery off and on this past wk and wonder if that could have messed the comp up.
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