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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I do not see any evidence of the truck being in a flood. I will try to get a wiring diagram and check for grounding issues. the parking brake/ running lights indicator smells like a ground issue. Note: vehicle has 50K on it.
  2. I am working on my 06 5500 dump. the blower works only on high, replaced resistor, no change. If blower is running on high, push mirror heat, blower goes off. When blower is running on high, daytime light in dashboard lights up, but if you apply the hand brake, the light goes out. The light also goes out if the blower is set on any speed but high. Mirror heat does not seem to be working, no light will stay on when button is pushed. I have just purchased this vehicle recently, former owner did not give me a heads up on these issues.
  3. Does this site have a section for C4500-6500, GMC Topkick etc. ???? Or was I Misled??
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