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  1. Prettymuch what CamGTP said. The airbag control unit will interpret the missing airbag as a failure and keep that light on indefinitely. Be advised, removing the airbag module may impact your ability to get the truck through inspection, and may also violate Federal law since that's where the airbag requirement comes from.
  2. Thanks. I think I'm just going to have to pull it apart and see firsthand what's there, and take the old seals with me to the parts house.
  3. It may be that the gauges issue is separate from the charging issue. To diagnose an alternator not charging, you should: Make sure the alternator belt is on and not slipping Get a volt meter and check battery voltage when the truck is running. It should read just over 14v. If it doesn't: Check the voltage of the positive cable to the alternator (engine off) and you should see 12.6v there. If you have voltage at the alternator but it is still low when the engine is running, then the alternator is almost certainly bad. If you don't have voltage going into the alternator, then you have an open somewhere in that circuit that needs to be found and repaired. As for the gauges, I can't say. If you know all the fuses are good then it may be worth checking to be sure the electrical connectors to the gauge panel are all still on and tight. They could have been jostled when you were working on the column.
  4. This 1998 K2500 was on its way to be scrapped, but instead it was given to me and so my son and I are fixing her up.
  5. Thanks for the advice, guys! (This was just the test fit. It's properly installed now.)
  6. Hello gents, So my 98 K2500 4x4 occasionally hemorrhages transmission fluid. It'll go a few weeks, dry as a bone, and then one morning I come out and, splat... 3 or 4 quarts of fluid all over the street under my truck. I understand this to be likely the common problem where the transmission leaks into the transfer case until it eventually comes out the vent. So I'm going to pull the transfer case and just put all new fresh seals/gaskets on it. I have the factory repair manual and I understand that what we're talking about is: A seal on the transfer case input shaft A gasket between the transfer case and the transmission adapter A gasket between the transmission and the transmission adapter A seal on the transmission output shaft. Is that correct? I'm trying to order parts but I'm having a hard time finding the gasket and seal on the transmission side, unless they happen to be the same as the output seal and transmission extension housing gasket for a 2x4. If so, then I'll be good to go. ..that is, unless I'm completely out of my mind, which is entirely possible.
  7. I guess I've been relying too much on the online catalogs at places like JC Whitney, Rock Auto, etc. Seen plenty of mats and such, no hard bedliners.
  8. The O2 sensor(s) sits in the exhaust pipe and measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas to help the ECU regulate the fuel mixture.
  9. OK cool. Does it have a distributor? If so, I'd start there. check/adjust ignition timing. If it's WAY off then the distributor might not have been properly reinstalled if it had to come off with the manifold) If that's okay (or there is no distributor) then I'd look at other stuff in the vicinity of the manifold. Bad sensors, like a TPS or airflow meter would likely trip the MIL light (for other reasons than an O2 sensor) so odds are you're okay there. I'd next check the fuel injectors and make sure everything's on tight and clean.
  10. I'm assuming the MIL light isn't on since you didn't mention it. By intake gasket I'm also assuming you mean the intake manifold gasket. What engine are we talking about? If the distributor had to be removed (assuming that model has a distributor) to get the manifold off, I'd start there. Check ignition timing and make sure any electrical connectors and/or vacuum hoses are still attached. What you're describing sounds like a timing issue to me. Hard to say more without knowing the specifics of the vehicle and engine though.
  11. Well I appreciate the thought. Sadly, I'm in MD. (No, really. SADLY.) But that at least tells me that they exist, and the search continues!
  12. Hello again, About 20 years ago I used to drive around in a Nissan Frontier (don't judge me) and one nice feature it had was a single piece, durable plastic bed liner. Not just the mat, but a full liner that covered the sides of the bed as well as the front, and had a separate piece that attached to the tailgate. I've been looking for something like that to go on my '98 K2500 but so far all I've found is mats or spray liner. So I have 2 questions: Have any of you guys seen such a thing out there, or know of where I can look? If not, what do you recommend? Are the spray cans worth it? This n00b is eternally grateful for any info or suggestions.
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