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  1. I guess I've been relying too much on the online catalogs at places like JC Whitney, Rock Auto, etc. Seen plenty of mats and such, no hard bedliners.
  2. The O2 sensor(s) sits in the exhaust pipe and measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas to help the ECU regulate the fuel mixture.
  3. OK cool. Does it have a distributor? If so, I'd start there. check/adjust ignition timing. If it's WAY off then the distributor might not have been properly reinstalled if it had to come off with the manifold) If that's okay (or there is no distributor) then I'd look at other stuff in the vicinity of the manifold. Bad sensors, like a TPS or airflow meter would likely trip the MIL light (for other reasons than an O2 sensor) so odds are you're okay there. I'd next check the fuel injectors and make sure everything's on tight and clean.
  4. I'm assuming the MIL light isn't on since you didn't mention it. By intake gasket I'm also assuming you mean the intake manifold gasket. What engine are we talking about? If the distributor had to be removed (assuming that model has a distributor) to get the manifold off, I'd start there. Check ignition timing and make sure any electrical connectors and/or vacuum hoses are still attached. What you're describing sounds like a timing issue to me. Hard to say more without knowing the specifics of the vehicle and engine though.
  5. Well I appreciate the thought. Sadly, I'm in MD. (No, really. SADLY.) But that at least tells me that they exist, and the search continues!
  6. Hello again, About 20 years ago I used to drive around in a Nissan Frontier (don't judge me) and one nice feature it had was a single piece, durable plastic bed liner. Not just the mat, but a full liner that covered the sides of the bed as well as the front, and had a separate piece that attached to the tailgate. I've been looking for something like that to go on my '98 K2500 but so far all I've found is mats or spray liner. So I have 2 questions: Have any of you guys seen such a thing out there, or know of where I can look? If not, what do you recommend? Are the spray cans worth it? This n00b is eternally grateful for any info or suggestions.
  7. Epilogue: Looks like the issue I was having with the LMC Truck site was the browser I was using was blocking the popup where you enter your vehicle information, but it still kept the area covered by the popup from working properly. Tried a different browser and all is well. Thanks again for the advice, and I am looking into those other suppliers you suggested.
  8. @Pighuntingpuppy, For what it's worth from another n00b on the site... I thought your posts were very useful. I've got a '98 K2500 that had belonged to my buddy as a work vehicle until he decided it was used up and was gonna junk it... right about the same time I'd bought a house and needed a beater for runs to Home Depot or the landfill. He gave me the truck about a year and a half ago, and I have the luxury of knowing the person who has owned it for most of its life. The downside is that he originally got it from CarMax so even though info from him is fairly reliable... it can't be 100%. It's going to need some TLC and I plan to really fix it up nice as a project with my son, but your post reminded me I have to be careful not to take anything for granted. My buddy also loved to tinker, and half the work I'm doing to fix the truck up is hitting the reset button on a few of his modifications for work. (Like this Saturday, we're removing the aftermarket custom dump.)
  9. Thanks for the info, guys. Back in the day, I had a couple of projects that kept me in the know about this stuff. It's been well over 20 years, and this truck is my first foray back since.
  10. Hello, first post here. Looking to restore a 98 K2500 I got from a friend of mine who was ready to junk it. (Free truck!) He used it for his business and it's been beaten up, but not abused. Gonna need a lot of work though, especially in the interior and a few exterior issues. It also has an aftermarket dump on it we'll be removing on Saturday. I have an old paper catalog from LMC Truck, so I went to the website to see the current prices of a few things, and it looks like it isn't working so well. Is LMC Truck still a good place to shop for parts, or can you guys recommend something better? JC Whitney seemed a bit hit or miss.
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