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  1. Silverado 1500, I did some maintenance work, tune up, tranny cooler lines and I was having a problem with a wicked idle and it didnt wanna run right after. I did some searching and changed the tps. After that didn't fix it I realized I screwed up and put the cold air intake on wrong. So whatever i had a new tps no big deal, the old one looked worn anyway. The other day i was slowing down and warning buzzers start going off and the stabilitrak and traction control lights light up on the dash. No check engine light just those. They only come on and i only have a issue at low rpms and speed. Once i get up and going the truck pauses then goes like it should. I've cleaned the throttle body when i changed the tps, and the maf sensor was cleaned. I swapped the original tps back and it made no difference. Any ideas. I'm freaking stumped. Could it have been the original 1 was going bad and i just happened to of gotten a bad 1 from napa? I've never had luck with sensors from napa but they were the only ones that had 1 on hand.
  2. Now that all the kinks r worked out and trucks running great time to continue with the upgrades. When I bought the truck the engine was rebuilt and there's a monster cam in it(not sure which) headers and exhaust and a K & N cold air setup. I'm looking at upgrading the upper and lower manifolds, throttle body, injectors and fuel pump. It's been a while since I've built up a V8 so I'm in need of some wisdom and advice. The last 8 I built was my first mustang 16 years ago, so I'm a bit rusty. Any advice on what parts work well together, or any advice at all will be greatly appreciated
  3. If I can save someone the trouble when they search these threads, then my headache was well worth it.
  4. Just a final update.... even though the truck needed the tune-up the whole rpm dropping and raising when braking was still present. I ended up changing my tps today and it runs like a totally different truck. No more issues at all.
  5. I can definitely admit when I'm a dumbass, and I am admitting that right now. When I put my air intake back on last night I didnt realize that the plastic insert that goes into the metal intake, that goes around the maf sensor I put in backwards. I put the long end into the air filter which was resulting in a very lean condition cause it had restricted air flow, so the maf sensor was doing its job. At least I know the maf is good, and now I have a brand new tps also. Sometimes it's just one of those human error moments. I do appreciate the input tho.
  6. I cleaned the maf sensor, I cleaned the throttle body. I didnt reoil the filter, it still look fairly new. I put the new tps on, and with the bad idle I get an extremely potent raw fuel smell. And I still have no check engine light. What the hell could it be? It was running fine, I removed the 1 bottom tranny cooler line and put it back on and now all this. Also if you step on the throttle it'll give a backfire and gargle sound before the rpms drop back down and come back up again. If you put it in gear all it wants to do is go balls to the wall
  7. 2010 silverado 1500 5.3L. I did a tune up and valve cover gaskets the other day and everything was great with the truck. I noticed that 1 of my tranny cooler lines was leaking so I was gonna replace it, but parts store didnt have it in stock so I put everything back together. I put the lower tranny cooler line back in the radiator, reconnected my k & n intake, went to start it and my rpms r all over the place up and down with little to no throttle response. If I do get any throttle response it only makes it worse. 2 out of 5 times starting it resulted in the truck stalling. I do not have a check engine light on, I connected my code reader anyway and it says 0 codes. After reading a few posts on here, I'm leaning towards it being a throttle position sensor. A lot of my symptoms match problems others have not, but not all of them. I have no clue y I dont have a code being thrown. My question is am i correct with assuming it's the tps?
  8. Acdelco 12621258. I put in Bosch double iridium plugs. Bout to start it up now. Started right up, drove it around and it's running so much better and smoother. Hopefully it stays this way.
  9. Ok I pulled the first plug on the driver side and it has very little oil just past the nut. I'm gonna pull the rest and see where I'm at. Or I'm hoping it's just a leak down from the valve cover. Update. I pulled the plugs on the passenger side and there is no oil on them at all and the valve cover on that side is not leaking either. Hopefully that's what the reason for the condition of the plugs on the driver side
  10. So all the plugs on the driver side have oil in the same spot. Passenger side coming next
  11. Ok I pulled the first plug on the driver side and it has very little oil just past the nut. I'm gonna pull the rest and see where I'm at. Or I'm hoping it's just a leak down from the valve cover.
  12. Ok I pulled the first plug on the driver side and it has very little oil just past the nut. I'm gonna pull the rest and see where I'm at
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