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  1. Thank you. I’ve never owned diesel before. How do y’all feel about this engine overall? the sticker has a lower annual fuel cost vs a 1500 with a gas engine, but I’m wondering if the diesel has more maintenance than a gas engine?
  2. Thanks. I’ve attached the sticker. The salesman texted “from MSRP $64,935 I can do $57,956.30 thats -$6,978.70 off” I still feel it’s a bit expensive and want Ask them to come off 8-9k, but it is a new 2020. what do you guys think? Thanks fellas. -Joe
  3. Hey Guys, What's a good out the door price for a 2020 Sierra 1500 4WD crew AT4 duramax 3L turbo diesel. It has AT4 premium package and technology package and driver alert package II, power sunroof, onyx black. The total vech sticker price is 64,935 which seems way high. Thanks.
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