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  1. As stated in the title.... I have a 2016 Yukon Denali and the steering wheel is driving me crazy... I know this is admittedly a short drive but I can't seem to find much if any info on what it may be. I am hesitant to play the dealer their "Diagnostic fee": of $149 for them to tell me that it's supposed to be that way or they don't see anything wrong with it. My guess is the previous owner was either short or heavy or both and pulled themselves up into the truck by the steering wheel every time they got into it. Here is the issue in detail: The steering wheel (power adjustable) has "play". So when I grab it it will move up and down and sort of "click". This is not present in other 2016 Yukon Denali's. This happens regardless of the steering wheel position, all the way in or out up or down. There doesn't seem to be any play side to side. All of the movement seems to be coming from the the adjustment mechanism but I could be wrong. I do not think it is the entire steering shaft as I have found is typical in older GM models. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I am 99% sure this is the issue I am encountering and about to tackle this job myself as well. To be clear you just dropped the corner of the headliner, removed, cleaned and re-sealed the original Antenna? Thanks!
  3. Any luck? I am having the exact same issues. I mean exact same: 2016 Denali 78k miles. Code thrown. Replaced transmission temperature sensor, new fluid, quick learn, etc.. Same exact symptoms. Extremely frustrating as I never expected this type of crap from what's basically a GM truck drive train.
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