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  1. Greetings all, i am going to start this by first stating what my intentions are with my build! the end game will be a whipple supercharger set up. so that being said im interested in knowing what people are running for cams! ideally im aiming for a stage two but honestly not sure which to run.
  2. I’d have to hook up the tuner and let ya know
  3. Total of 9 inches of lift, bearclaw front bumper fuel 20x12.5 -18 offset with 33s moving up to 35s and or 37s. Whole body is bedlined blood red. 4 banger delete and transmissions pressures increased 6% and 10% in tow haul via HPtuner I have planned for a whipple supercharger set up and as stage two cam. Along with some LS7 head goodies!
  4. Anyone interested in planning a get together either some off-roading and or park and eat possibly Dave and busters! I use to be a event coordinator for the Chevy avalanche fan club so let’s get it going!
  5. hey all I use to be a member back in the day. As in biggie and or biggie Hayward I don’t remember. Here is my most recent on going build! I have a lot planned and I am no where near done!
  6. Hey all I’m still here just a new account!
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