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  1. Hey All, Any tutorials out there for removing the trim and/or center console “surround” on a 2020 High Country? I need to be able to get to the wireless charging module and, more specifically, the space next to it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey All, First time poster so I apologize if I miss any Forum-specific decorum. My name is Max and I recently bought a 2020 Silverado 1500 with the 3.0L Diesel. I am looking for a suggestion for a light bar and I'm heavily split. On one hand, obviously a roof-mounted 50+" bar throws the most light. Do you know of any that mount reasonably FLUSH with the roofline? I really don't like the 'sticking out' look that a lot of these bars/mounts generate. Also, obviously, roof light bar howling/whistling noises are obnoxious, so that's a factor. On the other hand, there is a TON of space behind the grille. The only problem is the [email protected]$#&T*(!&@ active shutter system. However, they do make thin light bars (Clearance is about 2.5" to the shutters). Does anybody know of any bars that fit nicely BEHIND the grille, throw a decent amount of light, and don't interfere with the shutters? (Not interested in removing the shutters). Thank you in advance!
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