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  1. I replaced the tire pressure sensors yesterday and that fixed it! I'm thinking the batteries in the sensors had just enough power to transmit the correct pressure and test OK on my TS601 when it is held right next to them, but not enough power to transmit the correct pressure to the BCM.
  2. I subscribed to the ALLDATADIY and followed the Symptom Related Diagnostic Procedures for Low Tire Pressure Indicator Always On and it appears to me that the BCM needs to be replaced. Also in response to an earlier post, my mechanic hooked up his general purpose diagnostic scan tool and it did not detect any DTCs. It was an Autel tool, not a Tech-2. One thing that was strange was that his tool live data reading for the left rear tire pressure was in the 20 psi range like the other three, not 57.9 psi that my tool live data was showing. We increased the pressure in my tires up to a little over 50 psi and it got the live data readings up to 27-28 psi which was equal to or greater than the 27 psi pressures that I selected for the recommended pressures. The Low Tire Pressure Indicator still stayed on. Based on all this, I am leaning towards replacing the BCM.
  3. Yes. I reprogrammed the module for the tire type and front & rear pressures. Did not seem to make any difference. I've tried rebooting the computer modules by taking the negative battery cable off and turning the headlight switch on for more than 30 minutes a few times. It clears all the live data pressure readings to 0.0 psi except the left rear which seems to be stuck at 57.9 psi. I'm taking it to my mechanic Monday morning for another job. I'm going to ask him about this problem too.
  4. I bought a 2008 Chevy Colorado back in December of 2018 and the Tire Pressure Light has been on since I bought it. It does not flash. Also there is a LOW TIRE message on the DIC. I bought an AUTEL TS601 in hopes that I could diagnose this problem. The tires on my truck are FALKEN WILDPEAK A/T AT3W 31X10.50R15LT 109S LOAD RANGE C. These are slightly larger in circumference than the P235/75R15 recommended on the tire placard. I used my TS601 to activate each of the sensors and they all checked out. I have attached the report. I then hooked up the TS601 to the DLC with the OBD II cable and performed the TPMS Diagnosis. Their were no fault codes. Then I chose Live Data option and discovered the problem, I think. The tire pressures shown did not match what the sensors were reading. I have all my tires inflated to about 40 psi and that is what the sensors are reading. The tire pressures shown on the Live Data were LF = 19.9 psi, RF = 20.3 psi, RR = 20.3 psi, LR = 57.9 psi. ANY IDEAS??? I'm thinking possibly something wrong with one of the control modules. TPM Data.pdf
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