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  1. Sounds good, I will let you know ASAP... I kid you not my employer cannot find my paycheck. As soon as they get it straightened out with home office I'll get back to you thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Hi I know this is an older post, but is the tuner still available? And do you happen to know if it'll work on a 2013 LTZ with the 5.3? Also can you give me an idea what shipping would be to 34758... Thanks
  3. . Hello all, I have a 2013 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 2-wheel drive that is fully wheelchair modified so I can drive it. The driver's seat is removable and I can back my wheelchair on new a platform and it locks in place to make it to where I can drive. The factory driver seat is mounted to a metal platform with casters where it can be rolled in and locked in place if an able-bodied person needs to drive it. Complete with wiring harness to make all the power adjust functions work. However more often than not I'm the only one that drives it so the driver seat just sits wrapped in a tarp in my garage. The problem that I have is that if the driver seat isn't in the truck the factory heated and cooled seat on the passenger side doesn't work because the driver side harness isn't plugged in. Do any of you have and idea of how I can make the passenger side work while driving from my wheelchair? That's the harness that comes out of the back of the driver seat and plugs into the truck. All of the other passenger side functions work the adjust the Tilt so on and so forth just not the heated and cooled. Any advice would be appreciated
  4. I hink it sounds like a great idea, be sure to post if your actually gonna make it happen
  5. Old Post but Lumberton area
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