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  1. Got a question about the ALS and the DRL circuit. I've noticed that the automatic lights don't kick on till it's pretty dark outside, almost fully nighttime, whereas our Pontiac, and just about every other vehicle on the road kicks on a fair bit earlier. Is this normal? There's times when it's not quite dark, but dark enough to where I can't read my dash because the dash lights and head lights haven't kicked on yet. Not sure if this a faulty sensor or just normal operation. What's your experience been?
  2. You guys have definitely answered my questions. Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom. Much appreciated!
  3. Not that I'm arguing with you, but aren't aftermarket performance products created specifically BECAUSE OEM's don't make things as great as they could? Just trying to find some truth. I know there's lots of research that says that the colder the air, the better the performance, and also talk about less resistance on the intake. Just trying to find out if anybody has done it and have had any calculatable results from it.
  4. Hey there, new guy here. Don't roast me too hard please! I'm by no means a mechanic, just a guy who does a LOT of research, and asks questions. I recently picked up an `03 Yukon SLT 5.3L for the family. Love it, don't love the 13.6 MPG though. There seems to be an idea all over the internet that a cold air intake kit increases MPG and HP. Some people say "yeah it totally does", some say "it depends on your use case", and others say "it does nothing other than make it sound cool". So I'm curious...for anybody on the same or similar platform, has anybody had any noticeable gains in MPG switching to a cold air intake setup, and if you did, do you have a recommended kit?
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