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  1. Nice truck Cesar! Are you loving the L87 and 10 speed as much as I am?
  2. mine are all inside the channel front to back....maybe avs made a change.
  3. My new 2020 Silverado AVS in-channels install was a bit troublesome. The window safety system and tight fit of the guards in the channel required some ingenuity I hadn't previously experienced on my other vehicles .....especially on the front windows. AVS customer service was useless, as they failed to even return my call after numerous attempts. Some plastic shims (easily found at your hardware store for a few bucks...look near the household doors section) carefully placed and stacked in the front & rear along with a few more spaced on the inside of the window between the weatherstrip after placement then left for a couple of days helped widen the channel just slightly enough to allow the guards to fit properly & set the 3m tape without the window continually catching and enganging the auto safety. The channel clips provided with the guards are definitely necessary on the rear guards...and seem AVS probably should have provided more for both sides of the rears, and possibly for the rear edge of the front guards. Prep well with the scuff pad, use your own extra alcohol preps to clan well. Don't peel all the tape backing before inserting, just peel enough from each end to grasp, roll up window almost fully closed, then pull the backing at each end...then roll window up completely. Highly recommend another set of hands to assist, as it takes a good amount of manipulation to get the window up all yne way into the channel against the guards. Window safety can be temporarily bypassed by holding button in the lower position first, then holding again in the the up...see your GM owners manual. These are still a fairly easy install for most consumers if care and patience is practiced ....though aren't a "install and use immediately" item. plan on either not driving the vehicle, or not rolling down windows for a few days while leaving the shims in place AVS should absolutely make this better understood. It's been a few weeks and no issues or signs of leaks. I wish the GM would just get with the times and make these an integral part of every factory build and save everyone the trouble. Hope this helps save you some aggravation.
  4. I picked up a roll of carbon fiber vinyl to wrap the woodgrain on the door panels and console. Then decided to black out the Z71 fender & grill emblems too....was just too much chrome up there. carefully cut them out with an xacto knife with a fresh blade to inlay the 7 and 1 leaving the chrome border....then lightly hit them with a heat gun to set it. Did the grill emblem also, talk about tiny. Been on almost 3weeks now, no peeling so far. I'll try to grab a pic and add it if ever have time when the sun is out.
  5. New member here... 2020 Trail Boss LT 6.2L Leather, Convenience 1&2, towing pkg Picked mine up late April from a dealer in Union, MO Shopped it hard, best deal I could find & the only Indiana manufactured 6.2L crew cab / standard bed to be found in all black anywhere. $46,600
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