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  1. Nothing wrong with 50k miles, thats usually 3-5 years old so you're prob talking about 1 owner, and the warranty was still valid while they owned it. Then you can buy it at a discount and put another 75k on it and trade up before it goes into the "keeping it running" years
  2. Looks great, thanks for the walk through. Can't believe how bright that thing is.
  3. I currently have a 2017 Ram with the 5.7, rides like a car and has plenty of power. I'd say overall Dodge makes a very nice product. I'm also currently shopping for a larger rig to pull our camper. I'll give you a bit of advice. While shopping, the used 2500's maintained their prices even into the high mileage, I'm guessing because this platform is the blend of heavy duty and everyday comfort that most people look for. I switched over to looking at 1-ton work truck trade ins and was able to find much better deals. For $30k I was seeing 3/4 tons with 90-100k miles, while 1 ton work truck trade ins only have 50k for the same price. The one I'm buying even came with a v-plow and sander
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