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  1. Im running 265/65/18, same size as the goodyears that the truck came with. Truck has zero modifications except for the new tires
  2. They claimed to do the two rears a second time and the results went from 22 and 27 to 24 and 26
  3. I didn't get 10 ply because I didn't need them if that's what you mean, I believe they're 6 ply
  4. Wheels are factory, truck hasn't been offroad I just like to have tires with semi agrresive tread in case I ever need to go offroad for hunting, fishing, metal detecting, etc. Haven't checked the alignment yet. Would have thought for $210 and having an extended warranty the dealership would have checked alignment but they just did the road force balance and thats it.
  5. So for about a month I've been having terrible vibration issues with my 2017 z71 silverado ccsb. Bought the truck with 22,900 miles and Im at 31,000 now. At about 30k I had nitto terra grap g2s installed and that's when the ride quality began to deteriorate. Took at to a shop for $40 had the tires balanced with no luck. Ended up at the dealership yesterday to have it looked at. They test drove it and did a road force balance only to come back to me and tell me 3 tires were out of spec. One tire came in at 17, the other three came out at 21, 24 and 27. I'm no expert with road force balance by any means. Purchased the tires at NTB and the dealership is telling me, $210 later, to get with NTB and see if I can have the tires replaced under warranty. Anybody else have experience with balancing issues???
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