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  1. Just bought this RST with the 6.2 three weeks ago and and only have 987 miles on it. Got home last night and noticed a strong smell of fuel when I hopped out of the truck, but didn’t really think that much of it. It was a cooler morning so I fired the truck up from inside to let it warm up and when I came out to get in the truck I smelled gas again. Hopped in the truck and started it up and gas light came on and showed 48 DTE. Backed out of the driveway and within 6 miles down the road the gas light came on and said LOW. Came to the next red light and went to hit the gas and the truck sputtered a lot and felt like it was running out of fuel to the engine. Luckily I was 1/4 miles from the Chevy dealership and pulled up to the enclosed service bay and they let me in and before I could put the truck in park the service manager told me to pull forward and out of the service area and get outside because the gas smell was so bad. They told me that they were swamped and it would be a couple days before they could even get the truck into the shop to look at it. They then proceeded to loan me a equinox and sent me on my way. Anybody else experienced this or have an idea of what it is?! Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
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