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  1. Hola swathdiver, thanks for the info I'll check that forum out. Actually I live in L.A. That's Lower Alabama, Pensacola! Nice sleepy town you live in. I lived in Melbourne for a spell before I went North.
  2. Thanks, yeah I have that pdf. I've been looking for an exploded view of how it's all wired together with junction locations. I'm not sure if it's related to having the xm satellite module removed or a loose interconnect behind the dash. I know the xm units from that time period had lots of problems so was hoping it was a problem someone else has run across. Thanks again for the file and your help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. That would be great if it shows all of the interconnection locations for the speaker wire routing. Much appreciated.
  4. Had a parasitic drain which turned out to be my xm module which was removed. A few days later my speakers were either intermittently working or low sound and terrible audio. Local shop that found the parasitic drain said they would look at it for $$$ but I want to do it myself. I've gone through the dash wiring but can not see the culprit so I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can find a diagram of the speaker wire routing. From source to speaker with interconnection locations. Thanks in advance.
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