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  1. Yep, held it right where the rim/tire meet. Even tired it on the old tires to make sure the tool was good. Drove around for a mile or so and it still showed the old tire pressures. I’ll drive it some more and see what happens. Hopefully it will forget the old sensors.
  2. So I bought some Denali black diamond wheels to put on my AT4. New wheels came off a 2021 and mine is a 2021. Bought the tool to relearn the sensors but I can’t get it to pick up the sensors in the new wheels. Do those sensors have to be programmed to the truck? I assumed with the tool it would pick up whatever sensor the tool is at since they are the same sensor. The guy I bought these off of said they had been sitting in his garage a couple months. I’ve read where sometimes they have to be “woken” up. Is that right or will I need to take them to a tire shop to be programmed to my truck.
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