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  1. I'm having issues with my check engine light coming on sometimes when my truck is at an idle. When I start to drive it goes away. I check the OBD1 code and it reads 35. I reset the light and after a drive cycle even if the light doesn't come on I check it and it still reads code 35. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Well the problem is the intake manifold but not vaccum related it's an aftermarket holley intake and the throttle body sits further away from the the accelerator and cruise control cables. They don't have adjustments so I will have to try and bend the bracket forward or something along them lines.
  3. Thanks I will give it a try and get back.
  4. Just seems weird that it would work fine while it's not running but as soon as it's running that's when it sticks. I was thinking vaccum but I've checked everywhere and no leaks.
  5. Brand new mounts as is everything you can think of under the hood
  6. Hello I have installed a new crate engine and all new parts under the hood no exceptions. I installed a holley 502-9 670 cfm TBI and a spacer. My problem is the throttle is sticking only when the truck is running I have to blip the pedal to get it to un stuck. When the truck isn't running it doesn't stick what's so ever. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  7. I have a 1994 GMC K1500 5.7 I bought a brand new crate engine and installed it. The Ac system worked just fine before I threw a rod in the original engine. The truck set up for about 2 years before I dropped a brand new crate 5.7 engine in it. I went ahead and installed a completely new ac system in seeing how I bought all new parts for everything that goes on the new engine including all new sensors and switches and new throttle body. My AC compressor would not come on so what I did was make a bare spot on the ground wire of the compressor wire and put a temporary ground wire on it to the negative cable of the battery and it made it work. I don't want to have it rigged like that can anyone help or suggest anything to me. I did ground the block to the frame with a new ground strap.
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