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  1. Thanks shakenfake. Not really concerned about clearances. I said that wrong. A few extra sensors isn't too concerning. I was wondering if there was anything different with the internals like for example diesels have a lot more compression then gas engines. With e85 having a low octane rating, I was wondering if there was any big differences like that to make them burn the e85, or are they basically the same engines with a few external changes like the injectors and sensors like you mentioned. I'm fine with the minor differences. If they're the same engine undernieth it all and they usually work fine I'm probably going to go with the e85 ready option. Thanks John
  2. I'm looking at buying a new sierra 2500. It's like 150 extra to get it e85 ready. I think I want to get it that way. I can't think of a reason not to. I've tried googleing it but all I get is pros and cons of e85 when what I want to know is there any cons to having the truck e85 ready if I plan on running gas in it. Is there any major differances in the motor or computer, or is this a really minor difference? Is there a difference in clearances? Is it more likely to knock or ping running on gas compared to a truck thats not e85 ready? I would greatly appreciate any info on this. Thanks John
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