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  1. Blaine, not yet. looking at Chip plug in Programmer. Any recommendations ? would be good to find one that can do that tire size mod and save a few mpgs. Seems lower gears near more power to move heavier tires and new step bars. I have read about that dead lower weight vs. weight above shocks.
  2. hi SteveO. Other question i seem to get longer burn on qas when I use 91 or 93 Octane. gas last longer but MPG may be close. the gmc manual calls for 93 octane and I go to Costco and its almost same price as Shell low grade 89..Maybe its all BS but I am doing Mods and looking to make my truck the best. Wanted a diesel sierra but couldn't find it. I want to squeeze out a few MPG if I can which equates to 24 gallons x 4 mpg or almost a 100 miles per fill up. kind of wish GMC did a larger tank like Ram or Ford.
  3. My new Sierra 2021 is sold without DFM chip and is only 8 speed trans. I lifted my truck 3 inches and bumped up tire size to an All terrain. Looking into a add in computer chip and or a cold air intake and exhaust. I was getting 22 to 24 mpg on highway. city was like 15 to 16. I lost 4 to 5 mpg with the lift and tires. it sucks but love the lift.
  4. I agree, the track to Ev needs time and hybrid vehicles may be the thing to transition correctly over 10 to 20 years. you see how fu...ked it gets when you rush to leave a foreign country that we been fighting in for 20 years. our government doesn't do much right anymore and bows to whatever is popular foe votes
  5. thanks for all posts. great points and input. next vehicle will be a smaller exo diesel or 4. maybe even electric but that EV seems far away to make it affordable for most buyers. I am excited to see Ford F series lighting!!
  6. alright thx. what about chip for less fuel burn at lower gears ? are those chips for real ? or garbage ??
  7. Cool Thanks for input. what about after market fuel chips ?? do they even work or all BS ? with gas prices out of this world trying to save $$ thx
  8. Hey All newbie, Sierra elevation 5.3/8 8 speed. just bought and in construction using truck alot and notice major gas burn in idle. compared to old Ford F 150 or Ram it seems there is not a restrictor. like the hwy mpg/ but city really sucks. Any thoughts or chips to use to save gas burn at idle ?
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