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  1. Hello, good for information, I replaced the BCM, reprogrammed everything with Acdelcotds and MDI2, everything worked perfectly again, the BCM was burnt. Thanks to anyone who tried to help me...
  2. After changing the brake pedal sensor it's worse now the brake lights remain on permanently but everything works .. I repositioned the old one, I continued to search and when I removed the BCM 7 fuse from the side right of the dashboard it works but suddenly the interior lights no longer work .. I'm pulling my hair out .. maybe the BCM hs? Please help me …
  3. I look there seems to be nothing, everything seems completely original... The only thing it had is an adapter behind the radio to connect a subwoofer, which I unplugged, but I left the adapter harnesses , maybe it's him? in your opinion ?
  4. But where an alternative security system have been installed? I don't know where to look?
  5. Thank you, but what type of aftermarket product ? It looks completely original… I ordered a brake pedal switch on Rockauto, but I'm in France, the delivery time is long.. Looks like a power supply is really missing somewhere in position P Or else the brake pedal switch gives bad information to the BCM because when I disconnect it everything works in position P, but the engine fault light appears and the stabilytrack..
  6. Is the video of my sierra. https://youtube.com/shorts/Octr2eWp6sk?feature=share
  7. thank you for the tip, but I checked the earth on the left on the right of the dashboard and everything is ok.. I don't know where to look anymore..
  8. Yes thats what i thought but the brake lights would not work? I have the cruise control which is also not working is this related?
  9. thank you for the answer, no I looked there is no mod .. everything works fine when I am in position N .. and I also noticed that my windshield wipers do not work in parking position .. j I also noticed that when I am in the park position when I press the brake pedal and the guard down I can turn on the cargo light to make the wipers work correctly. also in park position the license lights do not work except if the same when I press the brake pedal down ... everything works normally in position N ... I do not understand ...
  10. Hello, i'm french, i have a 2014 sierra slt 5.3 that i picked up two days ago from canada. I noticed that the cargo light does not work in the park position. I have to press the brake pedal in the parking position for the switch to work and the switch lights to come on. Moreover when I press the brake pedal in the parking position there is the small light of the alarm which lights up for a moment. I wonder if he's not missing a feed somewhere. do you have an idea ? thanks in advance. (sorry if I did not introduce myself or if I am in the right section of the forum, I have trouble with English but I am making an effort. thank you for being tolerant.)
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