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  1. Spent Friday afternoon installing the Kicker package in my 21 non-bose TB. I can't tell you enough about how this thread and the Sierra install video helped. Part number I installed was part #19417165. Dip Switches arrived configured all up except 2, 3 I installed it that way, not much from the sub in this configuration, went all up and the sound was where I was expecting it to be though a little too boomy, I put sw 6 down and that made all the difference, I will likely keep it here. I did order the base adjust knob from Best Buy, but cancelled after I connected the flex tune app, if you have the subwoofer and add on system amp you will not need the bass knob. overall install took about 2 hrs, with breaks. the video and posts here allowed me to ensure I had the proper tools and was ready to go. In the video it was noted the kit did not come with splices, I did have some butt splices that worked well although not the easiest, very limited amount of space and wire to work with on the harness side. Overall I am pleased with the package and have no regrets with this purchase night and day difference from stock IOR setup, non bose. let me know if I can help anyone out through the install
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