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  1. 1996 S-10 - REG CAB, 4cyl. - Great First Truck, put over 110,000 miles through college, only issue was tranny replaced around 75,000, but probably because I thought it was a diesel...LOL 2000 Silverado - EXT CAB, 8cyl., 3 door - Another Great Truck, no issues, just basic maintenance. Good Power, just missing 4wd, and 4th door. 2003 Silverado Z71 - EXT CAB, 8cyl., 4th door - Amazing Truck, did everything I wanted, pulled boats, trailers, OK fuel mileage. Only thing missing was Crew Cab... Hopefully a year from now the truck of my dreams will be a Crew Cab 2500HD with Duramax and A
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