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  1. yep, something or idiot made a spot in the fresh paint before clear coat went on at factory. Now stuck with shitty spot,, 500km, less then 1 week old.......dont want it repainted, Just want GM to give me a new truck......SLT All terrain with 20''rims. People keep pointing the spot to me. Way to go GM with the final inspections......Dealer washing their hands from it,,,,,,,keep putting miles on it they say......Call GM head office for a waiting game, so then they can say well cant give you a new truck to many miles.....I didn't ask for this for this....just want a new one.....have not
  2. well, have had 1 chev and 2 gmc's I looked at both trucks side by side. I liked the body better on the GM do to the beefy look, the fender trims for paint protection and liked the LED's in the front head lights. As for the Chev, I like the front end better, Nice grill with z71 logo, fog lights square and chrome surrounding and head lights......chev turn off was the body looks, no fender protectors no LED's........Just wish the GM truck design was the Silverado's..........Also wish they would seperate the inside looks. Be 2 different trucks and this would make the people decide whi
  3. well I dont have the silverado but the New 2014 GMC sierra SLT all terrain. I like the new truck, rides good, quiet, and gas mileage is slightly better in upper Canada region. Issue i'm having so far is; I have a dull round spot in my silver metallic paint on driver side box near the rear cab with some fine dust particles. It looks like someone put their elbow in to the paint before clear coat went on or something. Never noticed on the dealers lot, I'm very disappointed. I don't want the truck repainted. I have less then 500km on it, purchased Sept 31/13 and want the truck repla
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