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  1. My 2006 2500HD plow truck stalled the other night during a snowstorm while driving down a bumpy icepacked road. Put in neutral and started back up but went into “reduced engine power” along with a dim headlight. Tried finding the problem all night. DTC U0107 was set for throttle actuator. What I found was the driver headlight was dim, passenger was normal. Both hi beam bulbs were very dimly lit at the same time. I unplugged driver headlight bulb and the truck started and ran normally, plugged back in while it was running and instantly went in to limp mode, unplugged bulb again and after letting it sit for a bit it started normal again. Tried hi beams and the truck died!! Also, with ignition off, turn headlights on it sounds like the fuel pump is priming!! I researched online and ended up regrounding the ground wire that goes to rear of eng block. Checked and cleaned all grounds I could find under the hood and even made some extra ground cables going from firewall to engine and chassis to battery. I also found a ground that was crusty behind front bumper driver side that I cleaned and tested and is good. I’m at a loss with this truck ive owed less than a year. If anyone could offer some advice I’d be more than appreciative! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hmmm.... Not exactly what i wanted to hear so i think ill pay a shop to do that for me!!! Oh and one other thing that got me before with the whole sloppy steering issue before was the control arm bushings. They were shot in my 94 and took forever to find that they were the cause of the shitty alignment and swaying all over the road. And also im not sure about these newer trucks but in my 94 i was able to adjust the steering box a bit to tighten it up and it worked well but not sure if its the same on these newer trucks. Let me know what you find!!
  3. Probably the gearbox. How hard was the pitman arm to do? Or how much did it cost? Im in need of one soon i think.
  4. Does anyone know if you can adjust the star from behind the backing plate so i dont have to remove rotors or some way to adjust the cable?
  5. Today i just noticed on my 01 2500hd that my tow/haul isnt coming on now. Ive never had this happen before and am curious to know if anyone has ever seen this and if so how do i fix it. I dont know the first place to look for something like this. I tried it thinking maybe the bulb burnt but it just doesnt work at all. I fo alot of heavy hauling so id like to fix this asap. Any help would be great!
  6. All fuses are good and i dont have signals in the mirror. I havent checked for voltage yet because ill prob break the glass when removing so i wanted to have replacements just in case.
  7. Anyone know where i should get replacement heated mirror glass from and how much $ it should cost? My mirrors are ok but the heated part isnt and id like to fix before winter. Last winter neither mirror was heating up which sucks when plowing and i checked the connections and theres no corrosion so im assuming its the glass itself where my rear def does work.
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