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  1. Going to look up some specs and options on an enclosure for my single cab. Definitely interested though.
  2. Any reason your deciding to get rid of the sub? Have contemplated some 8's for my single cab and might would be interested in snagging just this one to try out before I got two
  3. Looked on eBay but didn't know your name on there. Also didn't see any under $325ish and that's way to much for me to pay just wanting the Denali emblem off it.
  4. Wouldn't happen to have the airbag or them emblem off it anywhere would you?
  5. It will look good lowered. Lol'd at the comments of some in this thread.
  6. Chawkins, it's worse than that. It's a v6 lol def don't count out the 4.8, I have a buddy with one with a cam, stall, 125 shot, cal-tracs, and a few other things and its a fun truck.
  7. I really want to but it's a 4.slowwww unfortunately so I'll more than likely drive it till it messes up, not most on here's style but thinking I'm going to bag it first then replace the motor later on. It'll be my project for awhile since its paid off and will one day not be my daily. I also won a free 3-link so that sways my decision a tad. I had the polished ones but needed cash so I sold them and snagged a machined set from a friend dirt cheap. Wanted some ck375's for it.
  8. It'll work just fine in your single cab, just need an LT2 model one.
  9. Looks good! Love those wheels
  10. Not bad at all, I looked up how after I asked lol...I've taken my air bag out but didn't realize you could pop the cover off like that. I've been searching for the longest for a Denali one.
  11. Is it hard to replace? Would be nervous about deploying the air bag
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