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  1. Tpms Reset

    I just got a set of 20" Tahoe ltz wheels with sensors and did the relearn on them, it didn't work. I turned the key on hit the lock unlock, it beeped and I went all the way around the truck where the blinkers where on. I let the air out waited, it beeped and went the next one for all four wheels thought it was good to go and it doesn't pick the sensors up. It must have picked them up because it went through the whole process like I was supposed to but the light is on and the DIC says ---. Any ideals? As I'm thinking of it the old wheels where with in 10 feet of the truck would that confuse the sensors? I would just like to get the light off Kind of annoying. EDIT: Tried one more time and it worked.
  2. Hid Lights

    I just ordered a 5000k kit from ddm last night hope I like them. I've had them in previous vehicles but always paid a lot more for them. I also bought some hyper yellow bulbs for the fog lights. I'll get pics up when I get then and install them. Once you have a vehicle with HID's is hard not to get them again there so much better.

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