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  1. Last Friday I received my module, after being told it was out of stock??? Oh well here’s to dumb luck!! I already had my new connector, so after 20 minutes in the garage with my 2016 GMC, I had the old one out and the new one installed. The hardest part was removing the inner console lid trim panel! All those rectangular metal push clips. I carefully unmpinned the wires from the old white connector, and placed them in the same order (from the opposite end), as it the picture posted above by pgamboa. Yes you have to squeeze in the small metal tab on the connector so it will slide into the new connector. Other than that is was an easy swap. And it works awesome on my iPhone X! Thanks everyone for this modification!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Pgamboa, if I read your last post correctly, will you be making an adapter harness so a 2016 truck can plug in a 2018 GMC module? If this is correct I would like to get one from you! Just let me know what you would need from me... Thanks in advance...Steve
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