The general vibe today is that the nationwide United Auto Workers strike against GM over a contract renewal is about to wrap up. GM opted to pay UAW members’ health care benefits after all. While knowing very little about how the negotiations are actually going, that certainly seems like a gesture that GM can point back to as part of its image maintenance. Today is Thursday. This author feels that the strike may wrap up over the weekend.

GM’s motivation to put workers back on the lines certainly does not seem to be a lack of available vehicles on dealer lots. At our request, the folks at were kind enough to spend a bit of time and energy calculating their estimate of how many “days of inventory” GM’s dealers had of top-selling GM models. The numbers indicate that the dealers are likely glad to be moving some of this iron off the lots. Here’s the breakdown we got from iSeeCars:

As you can see, the dealers may have a shortage of some individual “hot” trims, but overall, the inventory is healthy. This study corroborated others we have seen reported that showed up to 11 weeks of inventory were built up ahead of the UAW action. We find it interesting that the imported from Korea Buick Encore is the model with the most days available. With about 80 days of trucks available, there is also no shortage of pickups on dealer lots overall.

As this story is published, the strike is still on.