You can recycle those old phone cables. You will not need them in GM’s new line of SUVs.

If you are like us, you hate to plug in a phone upon entering a vehicle. Just how many times can that female cable port be used before you’re headed back to the phone store for a repair or replacement anyway? If you are the lucky owner of one of GM’s new full-sized SUVs, you won’t need a phone cord anymore for any reason.

Without making a lot of fuss, GM introduced wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in its new 2021 Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, and Escalade product lines. We have to credit our friend and colleague Chad Kirchner with the discovery. It is not mentioned anywhere in the GM literature that we can see. Chad was at the Chicago Auto Show and figured it out himself. We follow Chad daily on his great Twitter feed and spotted the images you see here.

GM is also among the majority of automakers who drop Qi (Chee) wireless charging pads into vehicles. So, since you can charge without a cord, connect your smartphone to the infotainment system without a cord, and use Bluetooth to stream music from a device if for some reason you prefer not to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it is tough to find a reason why you are going to need that cable anymore.

We have not had any of these vehicles yet as test vehicles, but we hope to soon. Expect a full review of the technology to follow.