General Motors electric vehicle owners rejoice, the highly anticipated Official GM NACS Adapter is now listed in the GM parts system. When it starts shipping, the adapter will bridge the gap between GM EVs and Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network. As we reported last month, GM EV Access to the Supercharger network is imminent. 

As a GMC HUMMER EV owner and someone who has experienced the convenience of charging at a Tesla Supercharger with a Magic Dock adapter built in, I’m excited that we’re one step closer to using over 15,000 Supercharger stations.

Although no official announcement has been made, today I confirmed and placed an order with my dealer for the official GM NACS Adapter. Part number 85090442 is in the system, but the adapter is not yet in stock.

If you’re curious why this is such a big deal- read our previous article from last month about GM Dealers being briefed on the adapter.

GM Partners With Tesla To Offer NACS Plug / Supercharger Access
The profile and shape of the NACS plug versus the CCS plug

Orderable But Not Yet In Stock

The adapter’s introduction into the GM parts catalog marks a crucial step forward for GM electric vehicle owners looking to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger infrastructure. While the adapter is orderable, it’s important to note that it is not immediately available for pickup or delivery, as it is not yet in stock. This means that while you can place an order, there may be a waiting period before the adapter is physically available. That could be days, weeks, or months. We have no idea.

Adapter Ordering Experience

Ordering the GM NACS Adapter appears to be a straightforward process, though experiences vary among owners. Some customers have successfully placed their orders by contacting their dealers directly. However, not all attempts have been smooth, with others facing difficulties when trying to order the adapter as some dealers are confused. It appears that a common requirement among those who have successfully placed an order is that you need a valid EV VIN number, presumably to ensure that each vehicle is eligible for only one adapter, maintaining fair distribution among GM’s customer base.

If you have a GM EV and want to get your order in, it’s worth a shot calling your local dealership’s parts counter and giving it a try. Expect some level of uncertainty- but just ask them to look up the Adapter by the part number 85090442 and have your VIN handy.

In the future it’s been hinted that owners will be able to order the adapter through the myChevrolet, myGMC, and myCadillac app, but so far no option has yet emerged.

GM NACS Adapter, Not Free But Affordable

One of the most appealing aspects of the Official GM NACS Adapter is its price point. At only $26, it is remarkably affordable, especially when compared to third-party options available in the market, which can range up to around $200.

A HUMMER EV Charging at a Tesla Supercharger Station
We got a taste of Supercharger action in our HUMMER EV last year using a Magic Dock Adapter provided by Tesla

Personal Experience with Tesla Supercharger

From personal experience, using a Tesla Supercharger with an integrated Magic Dock adapter is extremely easy, especially compared to other public charging options.  Using a GM NACS adapter should be no different and open up thousands of Tesla chargers, even if they don’t have a Magic Dock adapter built in.  While Tesla Superchargers will charge slower (135kW) compared to charging at an Electrify America fast charger (150-350kW), Telsa offers a superior experience. From charging initiation to the number of chargers- we prefer a Tesla Supercharger over an EA charger any day.  The integration of GM vehicles with Tesla’s charging network via the NACS adapter promises to expand charging options and improve overall convenience for drivers like myself.

How GM EV Owners Will Use The NACS Adapter

From what we’ve learned, talking to GM dealers and reading official briefings on the GM NACS Adapter, the system for owners who have the adapter to charge at a Tesla Supercharger will be relatively easy.

  1. The owner will insert the adapter into the vehicle’s charge port.
  2. The owner will insert a Tesla Supercharger NACS cable into the adapter
  3. The owner will use a myChevrolet, myGMC, myBuick, or myCadillac app to initiate charging. In the future, plug and charge may be enabled.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of the GM NACS Adapter is a game-changer for GM EV owners, allowing for access to one of the most robust charging networks available today. With the adapter entering the parts system, it seems like we’re on the verge of a big announcement. Once GM ownership apps are updated to support charging initiation and official adapters, hit dealership stocks- a whole new world of charging accessibility will open up to GM EV owners, and it will be glorious. Stay tuned!