In the coming weeks, GMC will activate a new feature for the HUMMER EV Pickup.

EDIT: The first version of this article referred to the update as “OTA- Over The Air”, however, we have been informed this may not be the case. HUMMER EV Owners will reportedly have to visit a dealer for a new ride height sensor to be installed. 

When it rolls out, the forthcoming update will enable “Extract Mode” on the HUMMER EV Edition 1 Pickup. It will be offered at no charge to the lucky few who have already taken delivery of their electric HUMMER and come standard on those pickups being built out this summer and into the future.

Extract Mode allows the driver to raise the height and clearance of the HUMMER EV Pickup an additional 4 inches beyond the highest mode offered right now- Raised Mode. That places the Edition 1 pickup at a massive 15.9 inches of total ground clearance in Extract Mode. GMC points out that this is “more than the F150 Raptor, Bronco Raptor, Ram TRX and the Rivian R1T.”

You can find the full specs and how each mode (Normal vs Raised vs Extract) compares below. Extract mode adds a massive amount of capability off-road, in the water, in the rocks, and just about anywhere. TLDR: More clearance, better angles, more fun off-road

“Our goal was to push the boundaries of what an electric vehicle is capable of and to develop real, usable features that will allow customers to take off-roading to the next-level,” said Aaron Pfau, GMC HUMMER EV lead development engineer. “The development of the GMC HUMMER EV was a blank slate that was filled out by dedicated team of engineers who are hardcore off-road enthusiasts. Adding an innovative feature like Extract Mode results in an off-road vehicle that has incredible ground-clearance and capability that will take you to new places.”

GMC HUMMER EV Extract Mode
GMC HUMMER EV Extract Mode

Extract Mode isn’t a surprise feature, however. GMC has been talking about 15.9-inches of ground clearance since the day the HUMMER EV was unveiled. However, as GMC was close to production last fall, Extract Mode still needed some work and was held back.

GMC HUMMER EV Extract Mode - Driver Information Center (DIC)
GMC HUMMER EV Extract Mode – Driver Information Center (DIC)

No word about the “mystery button”

Now that we have Extract Mode coming soon, is it time to start asking GMC what their plans are for the “Mystery Button” inside every GMC HUMMER EV Pickup?

GMC HUMMER EV Edition 1 Pickup Specifications for Normal, Raised and Extract Mode

Normal Settings Raised Mode Extract Mode
Max ground clearance (in. / mm): 10.1 / 257 11.9 / 302 15.9 / 404
Front overhang (in. / mm): 34.7 / 881 34.7 / 881 34.7 / 881
Rear overhang (in. / mm): 46.5 / 1181 46.5 / 1181 46.5 / 1181
Approach angle (deg.): 41.5 44.3 49.7
Departure angle (deg.): 31.6 33.7 38.4
Breakover angle (deg.): 22.3 25.4 32.2
Water fording depth (in. / mm): 26 / 660 28 / 711 32 / 813
Suspension travel (in. / mm): 13 / 330
(front and rear)
13 / 330
(front and rear)