Would you ever buy a rear-wheel drive truck? Or a front-wheel drive truck? Surprisingly, many folks do. Not by percent, but every major automaker in America offers a 2WD truck. At landscape and construction companies your author has worked at, 2WD trucks were very popular with both the workers as personal vehicles and as work trucks at the companies.


iSeeCars.com has just finished up a study looking at which states have the highest percentage of AWD and 4WD vehicles. Of course, the numbers are skewed by location. Snow and ice are big incentives to opt for a vehicle that powers all of its wheels. Not surprisingly, mountain states have the most 4×4 vehicles. “‘Montana’ translates to ‘mountain’ in Spanish and has over 100 mountain ranges within its boundaries as well as many dirt roads,” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly. “The state receives snow most months of the year, leaving roads snowy or icy, which helps explain why these all-weather vehicles are so popular.”


If you have a 2WD truck tell us in the comments below if you wish you had opted for 4×4 of if you are glad you made the choice you did.