The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts needs your help.

The Museum is one of America’s best automotive destinations. The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has nearly a century of history offering all-inclusive automotive activities open to the general public. The Larz Anderson Auto Museum grew out of a local tradition started by Larz and Isabel Anderson at their Brookline, Massachusetts home. The Anderson family would open up their property on Sunday afternoons to the public and share their mounting collection of marvelous American and European vehicles with visitors.

Following Isabel Anderson’s passing in 1948, the Anderson collection was entrusted to the Veteran Motor Car Club of America. The VMCCA formed the nonprofit organization that is now known as the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Today, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum preserves the enduring legacy of the Andersons by featuring revolving annual exhibits, educational forums, an archive of early automotive material housed in the Joseph S. Freeman Research Library, and its ever-popular themed Lawn Events.

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum and its staff are important supporters of the automotive media, and by extension, Executive Director, Sheldon Steele, volunteers the museum’s resources and his own time and efforts to support the New England Motor Press Association in multiple annual events.

The closing of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum due to COVID-19 distancing measures has resulted in a drop in much-needed revenue. If you have the resources and value automotive history, why not become a member today? You can join at this link. Or, you can simply join the staff in making a donation if you have the resources to do so.

Thank you for taking a moment to help a good cause. The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has helped in the publication of numerous stories over the past decade. This post is just a small thank you for that support.

Top of page image by Zane Merva. Second image courtesy of the New England Motor Press Association.