GMC HUMMER EV Versus Ford Raptor R. In a thrilling showdown that automotive enthusiasts could only dream of, Hoonigan’s “THIS vs THAT” series brought together two titans of the truck world. This wasn’t just a race; it was a clash of eras and technologies, pitting the brute force of traditional gasoline power against the swift, silent surge of electric might. GMC versus Ford. General Motor’s flagship vehicle versus the highest horsepower Ford truck on the market. 1,000 all-electric horsepower versus a supercharged  700-horsepower V8 gasoline engine. The best of General Motors engineering versus the best of Ford.

As these two behemoths lined up on the track, anticipation hung in the air, promising a battle that would not only test speed and power but also mark a defining moment in the evolution of automotive performance. Who comes out on top?

GMC HUMMER EV: The Electric Powerhouse

  • Horsepower: The GMC HUMMER EV is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive 1,000 horsepower. It’s the most powerful vehicle General Motors produces.
  • Torque: It delivers a staggering 11,500 lb-ft of torque. This immense torque is characteristic of electric vehicles, offering instant acceleration.
  • Powertrain: The vehicle is powered entirely by electricity, specifically GM’s Ultium Powertrain. It has three electric motors, two in the rear and one in the front. The platform provides for full-time all-wheel-drive.
  • Weight: The HUMMER EV is notably heavy, primarily due to its large battery pack. It weighs approximately 9,046 pounds (4,103 kg), which is quite substantial and more than a Duramax diesel-powered Sierra 3500HD Dually.
  • Market Summary: As a new entrant in the electric vehicle market, the GMC HUMMER EV’s sales figures are still emerging. However, its initial release saw significant interest, with early models selling out quickly, indicating a strong market presence. Current estimates have between 2,000 and 5,000 HUMMER EV sold thus far.

Ford RAPTOR R: The Gasoline Champion

  • Horsepower: The Ford RAPTOR R is equipped with a robust 700 horsepower engine. This power output is impressive and competitive in the high-performance truck segment.
  • Torque: It produces around 640 lb-ft of torque, a substantial figure, though less than the electric HUMMER EV.
  • Engine: The RAPTOR R is powered by a gasoline engine, specifically a 5.2-liter supercharged V8, which is a nod to traditional high-performance engines.
  • Weight: The RAPTOR R is lighter than the HUMMER EV, weighing around 5,800 pounds (2,631 kg). This reduced weight contributes to its agility and performance.
  • Market Summary: The Ford RAPTOR series has been a popular choice among Ford truck enthusiasts, known for its off-road capabilities and powerful engine. The RAPTOR R, as the latest addition, is expected to continue this trend with strong sales figures, though exact numbers are still being established as it rolls out to the market.

Round 1: The Initial Clash
The race kicked off with both vehicles demonstrating their strengths. The HUMMER EV’s immediate torque gave it a quick start, pulling ahead of the RAPTOR R. Despite the RAPTOR R’s valiant effort to catch up, the HUMMER EV maintained its lead and won the first round, albeit by a narrow margin.

Round 2: Evening the Odds
In an attempt to balance the competition, the RAPTOR R was given a one-truck-length head start. This advantage seemed to work initially, as the RAPTOR R led the race. However, the HUMMER EV’s powerful electric motors quickly closed the gap, and it narrowly clinched victory again, this time by just a bumper.

Round 3: The Deciding Factor
The final round saw the RAPTOR R getting a three-truck-length head start. This round was more intense, with the RAPTOR R maintaining its lead for a longer stretch. The HUMMER EV began to gain ground but was hindered by hitting its speed limiter at 106 mph. The RAPTOR R seized this opportunity and won the round, crossing the finish line a car length ahead.

Victory for the HUMMER EV Over the RAPTOR R

As a HUMMER EV enthusiast and owner, I thought the race between the GMC HUMMER EV and the Ford RAPTOR R showcased the impressive capabilities of the HUMMER EV in a competitive setting. The HUMMER EV, with its groundbreaking horsepower and torque, demonstrated the advantages of electric power, particularly in terms of acceleration and instant torque delivery.

But you also can’t downplay the RAPTOR R’s results, because it’s a bad ass vehicle as well. I’ve also spent considerable time driving a RAPTOR R (one just two weeks ago) and can attest it earns every bit of praise the enthusiast community gives it. You also cannot beat the growl of Ford’s Supercharged V8- it’s simply divine. Despite this race, both vehicles have their strong suits and you can’t go wrong buying either of them.

Overall the race was a great demonstration of the HUMMER EV’s capabilities. It stood out not just for its power but also for representing a shift towards more sustainable, electric-powered vehicles in the high-performance segment. While the RAPTOR R’s win in the final round was a reminder of the continuing relevance of gasoline power, the HUMMER EV’s performance across the race was a strong statement about the potential and excitement surrounding electric vehicles. It’s just a shame the HUMMER EV has a 106-MPH speed limiter.