General Motors is making OnStar’s most popular features, including remote start, automatic crash assistance, and navigation standard on 2025 model year Chevrolet, GMC, Buick & Cadillac vehicles.

Named “OnStar One Essentials”, the new plan will be included as part of the purchase price on all 2025 model year vehicles for 8 years after the date of delivery.

As a proud owner of a Chevrolet Silverado, I’ve come to appreciate the finer aspects of my truck, not just for its rugged capability and versatility but also for the advanced technology it offers to make my driving experience safer and more convenient. The recent announcement from GM about making OnStar’s most popular features standard across all 2025 models, including Chevrolet, is particularly exciting news for someone like me who values both performance and innovation in a vehicle.

One feature I’ve found indispensable, especially during the harsh winter months, is the remote start capability. There’s nothing quite like the comfort of starting my Silverado from the warmth of my home, allowing the cabin to heat up and the engine to warm before I even step outside. It’s a small luxury that makes a big difference in my daily routine, ensuring my truck is ready and comfortable from the moment I get in, no matter how cold it is outside.

A screenshot of the myChevrolet app
We love using our myChevrolet app to remote start our Silverado ZR2 in cold weather

But beyond the convenience, it’s the safety features that truly give me peace of mind. The Automatic Crash Response system, a cornerstone of OnStar’s offerings, is a prime example. Knowing that my Silverado is equipped with technology that can automatically alert emergency services in the event of an accident, even if I’m unable to respond, is incredibly reassuring. It’s not just about the immediate response but also about the trained OnStar Emergency Advisors who can provide vital information to first responders, potentially saving lives in critical moments.

OnStar One Essentials – What’s Included

The new standard OnStar One Essentials Plan will include a group of features that you can’t currently get with a single OnStar plan today. They include:

  • Automatic Crash Response: If you’re involved in an accident, an OnStar representative will automatically call your vehicle to assess the situation and call for help. That means, even if you’re unresponsive- help will be on the way soon.
  • Remote Start & Vehicle Commands: Using your myChevrolet, myGMC, myBuick, or myCadillac app, owners will be able to remotely start, lock, unlock, or locate their vehicle. You will also be able to check on diagnostics, fuel levels, odometer readings, and more right from your smartphone.
  • Maps, Navigation & Voice Commands: You’ll be able to use Google Maps, Waze, Maps+, Alexa Built-In and Google Assistant with no additional charges.

To get these same group of features today, you’ll have to subscribe to OnStar Premium Plan, which would cost nearly $50 a month.

OnStar One Essentials – Cadillac Customers Get More

2025 Cadillac ESCALADE IQ Sport
2025 Cadillac buyers will get three years of OnStar Premium services before switching to OnStar One Essentials in year four

Cadillac owners will see even more value over OnStar One Essentials. For the first three years after delivery, Cadillac owners will receive OnStar Premium- which includes unlimited in-vehicle data, stolen vehicle assistance, roadside assistance, and the OnStar Guardian App for loved ones to use.

OnStar One Essentials – Includes Fleet Customers

Front 3/4 view of the Silverado EV WT towing a trailer with a farming tractor.
Fleet owners of vehicles like the Silverado EV WT will also get free OnStar services for 8 years- allowing them to check on assets remotely

In a surprising move, Fleet Customers will get the same benefits as retail customers. GM Envolve fleet and business customers will aos receive OnStar One Essentials for 8 years after purchase.

OnStar One Essentials – Which Vehicles Are First To Get It?

General Motors will start rolling out OnStar One Essentials in 2024, beginning with the 2025 Chevrolet Trax and 2025 Buick Envista.

OnStar One Essentials – Why Now?

The move to include more OnStar features as standard on new 2025 vehicles has multiple reasons behind it:

  • To temper the Android Auto / Apple Carplay controversy: Some people thought that removing the ability to connect your phone to your vehicle through AA or ACP was a move by GM to push more people to subscribe to OnStar instead. Introducing OnStar One Essentials offers at least a little hope that you’ll be able to use navigation and other connected features without paying more.
  • To keep the data stream going: Data acquisition is a revenue source for GM, and the more vehicles that are connected to OnStar- the more data the company will get, can use and can sell. That may not please some customers who are more privacy-centric.

But with that said, GM’s announcement to include the OnStar One Essentials package as standard in all 2025 models, including Chevrolet, without extra cost, reflects a commitment to customer value and safety. This package, with its safety and connectivity services, is a thoughtful inclusion for new vehicle owners, offering peace of mind for the road ahead.