In the world of pickup trucks, the interior is often where luxury meets utility. As Chevrolet and GMC continue to innovate, the Silverado and Sierra trucks have increasingly embraced digital technology, particularly within their gauge clusters in higher trims. For enthusiasts who didn’t opt for the top-tier trims but crave the sleek, modern touch of a digital display, White Automotive & Media Services offers an enticing solution: a seamless upgrade to a fully digital 12.3-inch gauge cluster for your 2022.5+ refreshed Silverado or Sierra 1500. The cluster can also be installed into 2024+ Silverado and Sierra HD pickups with the older style interior and gauge cluster.  WAMS teased this upgrade a few weeks ago but now it’s officially on sale. 

White Automotive & Media Services has a proven track record and has been doing these types of factory upgrades for years, as evidenced by our own 2019 Silverado LTZ’s transformation. The upgrade from an analog to a digital/analog hybrid cluster not only modernized the interior but also enhanced functionality, making it a worthwhile investment for us that we enjoyed for the rest of the time we owned the truck. It also gives you the opportunity to add steering wheel controls and other features at the same time while upgrading your cluster.

Installation is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. With straightforward instructions and support from WAMS, transforming your truck’s cockpit can be achieved in the comfort of your own driveway or garage. The process typically takes no more than a few hours and requires minimal tools that any Shadetree mechanic would have on hand.

WAMS 12.3″ Full LCD Cluster Upgrade (T1 “Refresh” Pickup) 2022.5+
A WT trim Silverado with the pre-refresh interior that has been upgraded to a fully digital 12.3-inch gauge cluster

The process for upgrading your truck is pretty simple. First, select if you want a new Chevrolet or GMC Cluster (you can choose either). Then send WAMS some basic information, including your VIN, and if you’re adding steering wheel controls- then sit back and wait for WAMS to ship you a brand new 12.3-inch digital cluster kit specifically programmed for your truck. After a few hours of installation- a quick trip to your dealer for some digital switch flicking is all that’s needed to get the cluster fully working.

The full upgrade starts at $799.99 and includes the cluster and the programming that needs to go with it. It’s a total bargain if you consider that your eyes look at the gauges more than any other part of your truck. Don’t you deserve a nice tech upgrade for your Silverado or Sierra?

Interested in taking your Silverado or Sierra to the next level? Visit White Automotive & Media Services to explore the T1 Refresh Cluster Upgrade. Elevate your truck’s interior and embrace the future of driving with a fully digital gauge cluster.