As the UAW and General Motors negotiate hard to find a contract solution both parties can live with, we’d like to ask the readership if they have a firm position now. Who do you support?

This writer grew up in a union neighborhood, in a dual-income half-union household. Dad was a union welder, mom worked in retail and was not in a union. Paid union dues himself for a short time (UPS), and watched as those good-paying, blue-collar manufacturing jobs (at General Electric in Lynn Mass.) shrank, and eventually went away. These issues affect many families. Where do you stand?

Test your knowledge: 

  • Which two industries have the highest-paid union members?
  • Name the last American President who was a (non-government) union member and his party.
  • Name the last (non-government) union-member American President who preceded that president and his party. (Hint, he was actually also a union president).