In April, the automotive aftermarket set an all-time record for sales. We did our part here at to boost the aftermarket bubble.



However, our team was a bit ahead of the curve. We took delivery of most of our goodies just after the New Year. You can check out our full report on the 2019 Silverado build we’re working on right here.

Hedges & Company says that sales of aftermarket car and truck parts set an all-time record the week of April 12-18. The analysis also concludes that “…accessories sales continue to grow online.”

The analysis of 7.7 million online user sessions and online purchases from parts and accessory websites in the US and Canada determined that the week of April 12-18 had an index of 140, or a 40% overall increase in online sales of parts and accessories from six weeks earlier.

Highlights of the report included:

-Overall aftermarket eCommerce sales: Index of 140.3 vs. 100 the week of March 1-7.
-OEM replacement parts sales: Index of 125.4 vs. 100, the first positive week after sales declines in earlier weeks.
-Truck and off-road parts sales: Index of 157.2 vs. 100.
-Performance/racing parts sales: Index of 148.9 vs. 100, showing surprisingly strong demand considering many motorsports events are canceled.

Did you buy aftermarket parts this month? If so, tell us what you are working on in the comments section under this post wherever you find it.