The world-renowned EarthCruiser will offer a new upfit package designed for the GMC HUMMER EV. Here’s what it will include.

Known for its aftermarket packages that outfit a vehicle with overlapping features, create comfort and off-road tricks – EarthCruiser is now setting its sights on the all-electric GMC HUMMER EV in a bid to create a zero-emissions overlanding monster.

EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV
EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV

What Does The EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV Upfit Include?

  • Carbon fiber “EarthCruiser House” that is integrated into the chassis of the HUMMER EV
  • Onboard Solar – 605W of panels with an integrated 6KwH 12-Volt battery to provide up to 7 days of off-grid power
  • Insulated Pop-up roof system
  • Fully equipped with appliances that include an indoor and outdoor shower, 120v and 12v outlets, storage, and a flat-pack toilet.
  • A full-size RV style bed
  • 7-inch touchscreen control panels
  • 1500-watt 120V inverter
  • Filtered and unfiltered water access
  • 7-gallon grey water tank

“We are proud to work with GMC on the design and manufacturing of such an exceptional
product. It feels right, it feels like it belongs,” said EarthCruiser CEO and Founder Lance
Gillies. “Using our years of overlanding expertise, we have ensured nothing is out of place,
unnecessary or wasted in this vehicle. This collaboration with the GMC team has provided
the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the zero-tailpipe emission possibilities for overland
and recreational vehicle travelers. We have produced a comfortable, capable product, built
to a high caliber of excellence – one that our customers can take pride in.”

EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV
EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV

The EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV will debut publicly at the Overland Expo Mountain West in Colorado, August 25th through the 27th. The package will go on sale later in 2024 and be available directly through EarthCruiser. GMC makes a point to specify that any EarthCruiser alternations will not be covered under the HUMMER EV’s factory warranty.

EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV Interior
EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV Interior

EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV – Detailed Specifications

  •  Height: 117 inches in “Camp Mode” with the roof up and 90 inches in “Drive Mode”
    with the roof down
  •  Length: 217 inches
  •  Sleeping capacity: 2
  • Carbon-fiber house construction
  • Four-season, tri-layed pop top
  • Outdoor shower
  • Exterior recovery gear storage
  • Exterior filtered water access
  • Lockable utility hook-ups
  • Exterior keypad for lighting and system control
  • Exterior scene lights
  • Integrated rooftop solar
  • 13.5-gallon freshwater capacity
  • 7-gallon grey tank
  • 80 inches of standing headroom at the entry, 76 inches on the step in the hallway
    and 35 inches in the bed area
  • Sink
  • Induction cooktop
  • RV full bed
  • Underbed storage
  • Interior filtered and unfiltered water
  • 7-inch-diagonal touchscreen control
  • Refrigerator / freezer
  • Dimmable interior lighting
  • 460Ah lithium 12V battery
  • 1500W inverter
  • Integrated storage drawers and cabinets
  • Onboard 12V water heater
EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV
EarthCruiser GMC HUMMER EV