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  1. OK, got her back with 6psi boost and it's a monster. Twenty First Century Muscle Cars did a custom EFI Live tune on 93 and it's unreal. Raised speed limiter to 130 which is about all the BFG's want. Broke all four wheel loose in auto 4 in some light rain in Dallas today. It's a lot of fun to drive. Should be a good remainder of the life of this truck.
  2. Hello team, been a while since I've posted. I've been trying to decide whether to buy a used 6.2L 1/2 ton truck or keep the Tahoe a while longer. My Tahoe has 160K on it and I've maintained it meticulously and just love driving a paid off vehicle and it is still so solid! So I'm going to keep it a while longer as its great for the hunting dog transport. I've talked to a shop in the Dallas areas called 21st Century Motorsports and have decided to do a Radix TVS1900 power adder and dyno tune through them. I've wanted forced induction on a vehicle since I was 16 and figured WTH. First those curious about cost, process, options, kit quality, performance results etc I'll post how it goes. The kit is expected at the shop in about a week so I suspect installation will be complete within two weeks from today. Very excited!
  3. Looking for any recommendations for a mechanic in N Dallas for a long list of maintenance and repairs to a '99 Tahoe.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation on an installation shop for an STS rear mount turbo in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area? This would be on a GMT900 Tahoe. Thanks, Anthony
  5. I'd like to get a build sheet run on 3GCUKTE2XBG157556 if anyone gets a free minute, potential new truck. Many thanks I know there's no benefit to those of you who are generous enough to do this for us.
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