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  1. I had mine updated in early June and could not be more disappointed. When not towing I was getting 17-18 in mix of city and rural driving and now I am getting 14.5. It is running a regen cycle twice as often as before the update. I’m fortunate to have a great dealer and they checked everything yesterday, but unfortunately had to point back to the software update. They spoke to GM on my behalf and we’re not given any indication that a solution is on the way. Will be calling GM tomorrow to file a complaint. Considering what these trucks cost it’s ridiculous that a software update would reduce fuel MPG by 20% or more, 3 years after buying the truck. The impact on MPG should have been communicated in the recall notice.
  2. I have a 2014 Silverado Crew Cab 4 x 4 Z71. I ordered it and it was built in early July. Have really enjoyed the truck and have found it a great improvement over my 2008. One issue I have noticed is that the longer I drive it the worse the wind noise appears to get. Especially on the drivers side. Has anyone else noticed this ? Are there any known issues with door seals ? It is especially noticeable in the front of the driver's door. Thanks for any input.
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