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  1. Ive been doing car audio and alarms for 17 years...I wouldnt say its hard...but you gotta use a meter to check your wires...just dont use a test light. Viper is made by DEI and is a very good company. They have been around for along time. I posted a link on the gm links so ppl could look up the wiring...it shows pics and all. Not that tough...IF you have any questions, feel free to ask , Ill help ya out!
  2. Polk are really nice! Kicker, JL audio, Memphis Car audio, Rockford, and Diamond are all really nice speakers. If you are looking to jam out with em and add an amp they are perfect. If you are looking to just use radio power then all that i said sound great but you could also use pioneer or sony. Im a big jl or memphis fan. Kicker tweeters are a little harsh but if you like that tweet then thats a good one for you. Some of these are a little pricey but are well worth it. Crutchfield is a good start...the only down side to online places like that are if you have a problem then you have to send things back in and wait...pay shipping and all that. If you can find a good local shop then if you have a problem you just swing by there and they take care of it.
  3. Alot of that has been done...im just now going to exhaust. Its an ongoing never ending process...lol
  4. Jvc head units are really nice....I intalled em for years and I own one. Anything you wanna know just let me know.
  5. The ported box is gonna be a little more boomy but it also depends what the ported box is tuned at. If you give me dimensions and port size i can tell you the tuning frequency. The sealed box is gonna be a pretty tight bass sound. I like a ported box..I listen to country as well and country music has alot of bass!
  6. Hahahahaha! My neighbors would love that at 5 in the morning!!!
  7. Lots of wiring and audio information. https://directechs.com/Default.aspx Username: [email protected] Password: Turtleme4
  8. Someone else sugested Magnaflow and they seemed to be happy. Someone else suggested just cut off the mufflers and go straight pipes but I think thats gonna be a bit much.
  9. Just got this truck so Im new here. Im looking to get a new exhaust or change my exhuast a little bit. I would like to get a throaty or a little rubble out of my exhaust without being too loud. Any suggestions, recomendations, do or donts...lol
  10. For some reason I think you have to go through the glove box.
  11. Yeah the paper cone and voice coils in those speakers are really cheap. Ive done car audio and electronics for 17 years and I replaced A LOT of those speakers....lol
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