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  1. Oh the humanity!

    Yikes. This is the sort of thing that makes me happy I traded my '09 for a '15 - also that bean counters at Chevrolet(assumption on my part) hate green.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Eventually, i'd like to swap over to Bilsteins on the 3rd notch and move to 285/55/20 or 275/60/20 but occasionally I get the front end clunk in the parking lot at work, it hasn't happened in a couple weeks but im sure it will be back and I can drive it over to the dealer. Until that happens though, I don't want to chance being denied warranty claims, especially if it's steering rack related. The color sold me, for sure...and I have a black olive tree near the driveway. Pretty much sucks if the wind blows, it rains, or I exhale after washing it.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Need more green!
  4. I think it's the picture; even though they're identical shots, the orange one's hood looks like it's more level and has less of a mini van slope. Edit: On second thought, it looks like the angle of the shot is different. It seems like you're looking up at the orange one, and down on or level on the "shadow gray."
  5. While the '19s have grown on me, I can't get over the sloped down hood - it reminds me of the Colorado as does the little swoop upwards on the back door. The GMC seems boxier to me, and I prefer that look - i'm definitely not a fan of the mirrors being mounted to the door panel; that drives me nuts. I suppose i'm just a 90 year old curmudgeon at heart, but yuck. I live in Florida, but I feel for the poor soul that has to clean that front end up north packed full of snow and road salt and then wax the frickin' thing. If they wanted bigger/taller, they could have bumped up the stature of the '15. Im such a sucker for the refined 90's brick look
  6. Really? Id be curious to know if I could swap the foam over from an '09 to my '15. While they added legroom, the backseats in my old truck were much more comfortable.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Damn rainy season, she was so clean!
  8. 2002 Silverado 6.0 A/C compressor model #

    Napa pulls this guy up https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/DEO4710315 There are other models(remans, not really different) listed. Your best bet is to crawl under with a flashlight and see if you can see a part #. I can't speak to how yours is setup, but just changing the belt on mine(squeak) was a pain because it was a stretch to fit, separate from the serpentine. I'd look in the front passenger side corner(bottom) of the engine bay.The oldest truck we've got in our fleet at the moment is an '05(sold our '02 a couple years back) and that's where she's located. I just can't remember for the life of me if the '02/'05 have separate belts, or if they're run off the serpentine. If separate, there's a little tool to be used or alot of screwing around with wrenches/flatheads getting the belt on.
  9. Trade in now or wait for 2019???

    To me, dealers seem like they are trying to move the older models out. I'd go for it now if you're dead set on the higher trim. If not, keep your current ride. My 3/4 ton was an LT and to be honest, it didn't lack any features that made me regret my decision to buy it. The only option I had them add on was leather, as I had an 07 half-ton GMC that had the lint roller seats that drove me nuts. The '19's are a bit Ford/Tundra-esque to me, and while I left room for them to grow on me after seeing them in person(like the Tahoe redesign,) I was out and decided not to wait after seeing there was no green offering. I almost bit the bullet on an '18 Sierra in graphite/slate(at least it had a green hue) when I checked autonation and found the '15 ltz in green. The front end I loved, 36k miles, 15k cheaper than an '18, CPO, and the color combo I loved. It's your call, but I would not bite on the new body, at least not yet - grab an '18 Sierra! That's a front end I could live with =)
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Well, I finally traded my old truck a few weeks ago. Dream color combo and the front end I prefer did me in! For some odd reason, the chrome has grown on me - I still think I need to break it up a little bit, but i'm certainly not ready to black everything out like I was on my old truck. Edit: I forgot the mention, these trucks drive ridiculously smooth. My old truck's felt like a covered wagon in comparison!
  11. Is it me, or do the mirrors look like they fold down like the Dodge mirrors do? Something funky looking to me on the arm they mount to.
  12. I'll tell you that our LBZ at work(minor tune) smokes our '15 LML and our '14 Dodge. I think the TM guts the new trucks, but the dodge did just pull an 80k # mobile excavator down the road the other day(albeit sideways on take off- forgot to put it in 4wd.) off topic It's also had 5 recalls though. 2 minor radio/satellite ones on delivery, steering stabilizer mount, abs would supposedly quit from a rubbing wire, and a randomly exploding airbag. We always joke, that if you manage to get it off the road after the steering gets sloppy and brakes go, the airbag would go off and give you a heart attack. To be fair to FCA, our '07 LMM did have a shrapnel airbag in it.
  13. Im not sure why this gets a name or it's own press event.... this is a trumped up LTZ Plus Package. "Ultimate" - 'We checked every box.' I dig the wheels, I just wish they were 18's or maybe 20's max. I realize these trucks won't be leaving the road but still, I wouldn't be comfortable bouncing over a curb or wheel stop even, with 22's.
  14. Enjoy the gas mileage and reliability while you can, VW owners! The EPA is here to ruin your day. There's got to be a VW engineer cracking up that it took them this long to find out they had a workaround for their testing. I WISH GM did this, it would save alot of people doing it after the fact some money.
  15. Im at 108k on my '09. Oil, tires, couple of batteries and need to swap out the bump stops as I recently noticed they're dry rotting. Other than that, I haven't touched anything. Truck runs great, seems like less of a dog vs when it was new. If I could get the 6.0L in a half-ton, i'd sign any paper they want. My hope is to find a '15 3/4 ton in Green that someone can't sell(I love the new green.) and will give me a decent deal on it. Plus, I can't wait too long, as GM is ditching green again.

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