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  1. I had a BOSE system in my 06 Silverado and it sounded great, listened to the 2014 with console and it was ok, bought a 2014 with the bench seat, dealership said it was the same as truck with floor console and it is NOT, sounds terrible, basically has only base coming out of the doors, very disappointed. 6 speaker system with no subwhoofer is a terrible design in my opinion, haven't had it a month and am ready to trade and make my case be heard if GM cant fix it.
  2. I checked for this problem with the doors open. bent over with my head against the speaker, I can hear the tweet and or midrange a lot better in the loaner with regular system bench seat than I can in mine. On mine you can barely hear the words of a song in the door speakers, I have called Bose, there closed today, GM and several dealerships today with no explanation so far. I am wondering if they are using base only in the door because of the absence of the subwoofer. GM parts says there is only one Bose speaker for the doors.
  3. Trucks with the bench seat seem to have a lot less sound coming out of the door speakers vs trucks with a console,both having a Bose system. Does anyone have an explanation?
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