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  1. Mine did the same thing. Since I am the only driver, I just put a dab of super glue at the pivot points on the mirror. Has stayed put ever since.
  2. Try checking your lightning adaptor port on the phone. I had similar issues, and it turned out I had so much pocket lint inside that port that the connection was continually interrupted. I used a paper clip to clean out the port, then that resolved my connection issues. Hope this works for you.
  3. I have had good luck with Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer. I spray it on a micro fiber cloth and then wipe down the interior.
  4. I have a 2011 Traverse with a direct injection engine, and I have to check it quite often, as it does consume oil. Probably a quart each 5000 miles. On my 2014 Silverado with 5.3, I was expecting something similar, but does not seem like it has used a drop. I have 12,000 miles on the truck now. Probably 5000 miles since the last oil change, and still shows full on the dipstick.
  5. In another thread, a forum member posted a tip where you can swipe up from the bottom of you iPhone to access the Control Center. Then change the AirPlay from your truck to your iPhone. Then your phone will play the normal audible alerts. Unfortunately, you will have to do this each time your phone connects to your truck, but at least you won't miss important notifications.
  6. I am also disappointed this is missing. This feature is described in the manual, so I disagree with those who say the OP should have researched better. The MyLink system in my LTZ is also missing the ability to pass through voice commands to my iPhone. This is a feature my 2011 Traverse supports and allows for receiving and sending text messages through voice commands while both hands remain on the steering wheel. I think it is realistic to expect a newly redesigned 2014 vehicle with the latest MyLink system to support these features, especially when they are described in the manuals that came with the truck. No, this is not a deal breaker. I love my truck, and would still purchase it even if I had known beforehand these features were missing. But, I do find it surprising that these features are missing. It makes me think the MyLink system was not fully ready when the trucks rolled out, so they started removing features still in development. Explains why the features are in the manual but not available. My hope is once these features are ready, the dealer will be able to apply the updates to my MyLink system.
  7. This was off the Chevrolet.com website.
  8. I checked the Chevrolet website yesterday and for LTZ Crew Cab short bed, 4x4, 5.3L V8 it showed only $2750. Today for the same configuration shows $6220. I was in a panic yesterday as my truck is currently in transit to the dealer. Feel much better now.
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