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  1. Yeah I just saw this in an email from GMC talking about the new Sierra. Here is a link with mention of it on the Elevation press page as well and you can see the decal in the picture there: https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/introducing-the-2019-gmc-sierra-elevation-edition Kind of surprised as Z71 is such a known name now. The AT4 sure looks good in the email pics they sent.
  2. Huge drop in MPG

    Yeah, this truck doesn't like under 35 or so for fuel mileage. I have the 3.08 gears and mine goes from averaging 19-20 in combined driving down to 16-18. I'm sure the winter blend fuel has something to do with it too. At least gas is cheaper again! (either way I still get about the same gas mileage as I did with my Evo X, lol)
  3. Interesting, yeah mine is still working perfectly. The other thing the dealer did too was to link one or two of their phones up then try them out. I'm not sure if that affected anything, but maybe having something other than just my phone hooked up to it reset something. However I think it was just the update from Verizon/LG for my G3 that fixed things. Hope you guys get it figured out soon, it sure was annoying not being able to use the bluetooth.
  4. Mine is working perfectly again after an OTA update from LG, so I'm thinking it was an LG G3 issue all along. Whatever the case I'm glad it works perfectly again!
  5. Same here, I have an LG G3 and have been getting the dropped calls for quite a while now. They did the reflash and update on the radio but that hasn't solved it either. I used to have an S4 and I don't remember having issues with that. What's odd though is that both phones use the same version and release of android so the bluetooth coding should be identical for both devices. Maybe I'll see if there is something that can be done on the phone side of things in the meantime. I'll let you guys know if the dealer is able to find anything out from GM too. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I use my truck for business quite a bit and it's incredibly annoying to no longer trust the hands free and have to use my phone up to my ear.
  6. Exactly, with my father in laws gmt800 its not too bad getting in and out of the bed, but its still a decent leap. With our new trucks beds being that much higher its an absolute necessity and I can't imagine not having them. I honestly don't think they look bad either.
  7. I have a 2014 sierra and an LG G3 and this just started happening to me the last couple weeks where it would drop out of bluetooth during a call but pandora or music streaming would be just fine. Calls tended to drop anywhere from 50 seconds to 2 minutes in typically. I just had the radio update done and that didn't seem to fix the issue either at this time. I've tried unpairing and pairing the phone again to see if that would help but no such luck so far. Please keep me posted on any possible fixes you guys come across. Thanks!
  8. Just had the headliner rattle fixed at my local GMC dealer. They installed insulated clips per a GM document number. Rattle there is now totally fixed. I still have the occasional pop sound from the windshield area but that's a lot more intermittent. Lastly there is a small rattle from the center console that I still need to get to the bottom of. Having the headliner with the sunroof rattle gone was the biggest possible upgrade of the three though!

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