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  1. It's a 1999 GMC Sierra 4WD with the Z71 package. It is very frustrating that scanners cost so much because everything is tied into the VCM. I'll check the gap, but the compressor was replaced about two years ago. Thanks, Ken
  2. I've had the gauges on when the system is working normally, and everything looked fine here. I have a thermometer in the air vent, and I can watch the temperature go from a cool 45 degrees while driving around up to 80 or 90 degrees when I get to a stop light. But this is only sometimes because the problem is intermittent. I know that the clutch is not engaged when I have this problem, and I know that the low pressure switch is not the problem. Beyond that I have not been able to consistently probe around while the problem is occurring. Hence the need for a scan tool. Based on the previous suggestion, I have seen Tech2 scanners go from $320 up to $1500. If I were to go the cheaper route would I still get all the functionality? Thanks, Ken
  3. Hi All, I'm currently having an intermittent problem with my air conditioning system. Sometimes at idle or during downhill coasting my AC shuts off, and the temperature rises until the air coming out of the vents is at ambient. Since the problem is intermittent I need a scan tool that I can use while driving around. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a scan tool? My basic tool does not give me the enhanced data that I need, and really didn't want to buy a $3000 Snap On model. Thanks for all help! Ken
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