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  1. Ya its cooler now and I have aftermarket wheels but was never a issue before
  2. Is there a way though to just reset the light so it's not on my dash? If it's the sensor that's not cool it's like 100$
  3. Do any of you know how to shut off the tire pressure light? Keeps going off and there all the same.
  4. So i plan on lifting my truck like 7.5 inches with the BDS kit and plan on rocking 37's. Just curious what offset I'd need so the stick out a bit. Don't want big ass tires but damn near just sit right under want them to stick out a little bit
  5. Well I got it fixed. It was the TCM or solenoid assembly. I guess it's a real common thing. Good call Oscar
  6. So i just recently was driving and all of a sudden my truck felt like it braked on me then the shifting was all funny. Would rev up then kick in. I'd be going 20mph and switch over to manual and it would say I'm in 3rd...I shut it down for 10 min and now it's fine. No check engine light is on but I went and had them hook the computer up to it and code P2544 came up. Transmission torque request circuit. Any one have this problem? Was told maybe a bad wire somewhere but not a 100% and finding the wire will be hell. PLEASE help.
  7. So I'm thinking about coming and headers and the works. .any suggestions, has anyone done it and how is it?
  8. Rv245 I have no mods...I had the link but fill up premium now and u see a difference. More pricey but truck runs better an better fuel economy Ping* not link
  9. Well just yesterday Black Bear happened to be in Michigan and what better time then to get a tune from them since all iv heard is nothing but good things. Well now i see why! Simply amazing, Super friendly and know what they are doing. Makes you go through a bunch of steps to tune it correctly and lets you know the whole way what he is doing. Very good price and only take about a hour. But the end results...Holy Poop! i seen a huge difference, really woke my truck up, it really gets up now and the shifting is spot on and i gained 4mpg. I FULLY RECOMMEND GETTING A TUNE FROM BLACK BEAR PERFORMA
  10. I just see people saying there getting 13-17 and i can't even imagine that.
  11. It's got 285's on it no lift.. nothing after market and i can sit on Highway for 100 miles and will chang average from my city at 10 to 10.3.
  12. Hi im new to this page. I just recently bought a 2009 2500hd and I know the 6.0 doesnt get great fuel eco but my avg mpg from the computer in the cluster is rangine from 9.9 mpg to 10.3. I have heard of so many others getting way better with it stock and it has the 3:73 not 4:10. Im getting it tuned by black bear this weekend but is there any reason to why im getting so bad? thanks.
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